Calendar of Events for 2015-2016


Sept. 8                  International Literacy Day/Saskatchewan Literacy Day

Sept. 26                Prof Growth Network Day

Oct. 1                    Deadline for SRC Local Council Grant information to treasurer

Oct 2/3                Executive Leadership Meeting at Manitou Springs

Oct. 31                  Deadline for Query Submissions for Fall Issue – All executive reports and local council programs should be in this issue

Nov.  7                  Conference Call at 9 am

Nov. 28                Deadline for Exemplary Reading Program Application

Nov. 30                 Deadline for SRC Lifetime Achievement Nomination

Dec 15                   Honour Council Application Forms Due

Jan. 4                    Honour Council Achievement Award

Jan. 9                    Conference Call 9:00 – 10:00 am

Jan. 15                  Deadline for SRC Administrators Award Nomination

Jan. 27                  Family Literacy Day

Feb 1                      Young Writers Deadline

Feb. 6                   SRC Meeting in Regina or Conference Call 9:00 – 10:00 am

Mar. 1                   SRC Yearly Membership Expires

Mar. 5                    Conference Call 9:00 – 10:00 am

Mar. 15                  SRC Annual Reports Due

Deadline for Prairie Lily Award

April 23                 Annual General Meeting

Apr. 30                  Deadline for Spring Issue of Query – All local council presidents and provincial executive members must submit

a report

June 1                    Submit current membership list to STF

June 30                 Deadline for submission of officers to ILA and STF

July 1                     Change of Officers

July 9 – 11             ILA Annual Conference in Boston, Mass