* Criteria for 2017-2018 *

  1. The Saskatchewan Reading Council accepts writing in any language, from Pre-K to Grade 12 students.  Genres include poetry, short stories, plays, and essays. Not all writing submitted will be published.
  2. All selections must be proofread and typed when submitted. (Arial font size 12,single spaced)
  3. Whole classroom submissions of the same title will not be accepted. Please select the best writing selections to be considered. Please consider the audience to which the book will be going out to (Pre-K-12) and select accordingly. Longer pieces must include an excerpt. (Please keep the excerpt to one page or less.)
  4. Please e-mail student writing to the rep for your local council (see bottom of the page – word documents only please). Make sure to include the information at the below.
  5. Illustrations may accompany written selections but should be placed on a separate sheet (8 ½ x 11).  A Photograph of the writer may be added to the writing (scanned or inserted onto the piece of writing).
  6. Each published author and his/her resource center will receive a complimentary copy of the Young Saskatchewan Writers publication.
  7. Each piece of writing must be submitted to your local council by February 1, 2018.
  8. Please identify each piece of writing with the following information:
Student Name:
Title of Writing:
Grade:                                         School:
School Address:
City/Town:                                   Postal Code:
Teacher:                                      Phone/Fax:



Please submit writing to the YSW rep for your local council:

Moose Jaw – Tana Arnott (arnott.tana@prairiesouth.ca)

South West – Jennifer Lundston (jennackerman@sasktel.net)

South East – Joan Bue (joan.bue@cornerstonesk.ca)

East Central – Tammie Latimer (tammie.latimer@cttcs.ca)

South Saskatchewan – Lori Burton (lori.burton@rbe.sk.ca)

Kewetin-Nene – Maggie McFadden (mcfaddenm@hotmail.com)

Saskatoon and District – Barb Alberton (balberton@scs.sk.ca)